This story begins with an exciting challenge for me and a promise for you!

You Do Not Have To Be Big To Be Great

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This is a story about passion for design and marketing

Do you think Business?

La Casita Del Cuco offers you 28 years of international experience in organizing and realizing business projects with international brands.

His career started in Belgium, maybe a small country, but do you like to know why it is worlds third richest country (Allianz “Global Wealth Report 2014”)? And why Belgian businesses has gained an international reputation and easily can compete with the surrounding big countries? I share with you this knowledge, to build for you a successful business.

More than 21 hours a week La Casita Del Cuco spend on study to keep up to date with the developments in web design, design and marketing. As well he can count on a vast list of contacts with other professionals in these fields worldwide.

Are you professional ?

If you are, and you have the ambition to grow in your business and become a successful brand, do not hesitate to contact me. There are no problems, only solutions.

Brands I worked with
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  • Logo citykingz
  • Logo montana
  • Logo tarmak
  • Logo pointer
  • Logo veritas
Your brand is a lot of fun
Gershom Polanco - New York - U.S.A.
He has everything: speed, reliability, professionalism, in addition education
Nano Nava Prieto - Las Arenas - Spain
I build brands

Do you want a successful brand?

Not any detail La Casita Del Cuco leaves untouched, because it are the details which guarantees the success of your brand. Design is about bringing solutions, not visuals to a client’s wishes. As such I do not focus on designing only, and share with you in each stage of your project the solutions that makes a business successful. These solutions are …
Am I trustworthy?
Cifras del plan de Medios Sociales con el margen de oportunidades

Each stage in a project is the result of many hours of analysis.

A – Is the period of testing out the La Casita Del Cuco Social Media Plan, which shows an increasing in the total reach (color line) of the posts in the Social Media, and in visits to the website (white line).

B – Is the Gap of opportunity, or where you build your brand and reach your clients through various marketing and design actions.

In September La Casita Del Cuco launched his new website with visitor behavior and page load tests. Tests showed some adaptations were necessary. Striped color line shows the La Casita Del Cuco Social Media followers.

More tests are planned in October, so come back to see more results.

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