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28 Years of experience in Web Design, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing

La Casita Del Cuco offers you 28 years of international experience in organizing and conducting business projects with international brands. Beside building websites, designing your visuals and organizing marketing strategies, I enjoy building relationships.

Client Involved In Every Detail

I place great value on clear communication and customer service. As a client, you will be therefore informed about every step in the process of a service.

Long Term Profitable Business

It is my goal to make your business more profitable, by means of result-driven personalized services, designs and advise. Step by step actions with the La Casita Del Cuco Marketing Model as a quality guide.

Web Design, Graphic Design & Marketing Services

Web Design

A website that is adaptable to a computer, a tablet or a mobile screen isn’t enough. A website is an important part within a whole process of attracting visitors and converting them into long term customers (Inbound Marketing). Important factors in this process include :

To name a few. Together we work out a model that fits your business, and I build your website according to this needs, with Google Analytics integration and so much more. The Content Management System (CMS) allows you easy editing of content (texts, fotos, pages, news, …) and maintenance of your website.

Graphic Design

Do not underestimate good design! La Casita Del Cuco provide you with an exclusive logo and corporate identity. Your corporate identity users manual includes a quick guide of the focus points of your business, a summary of the corporate colors and fonts. As well with various digital versions of the logo and stationery, and much more.

La Casita Del Cuco provides as well …

Community Management

Community management ensures that the voice of your customer is heard. That’s done by careful planning and developing online and offline strategies. As such your potential clients feel themselves more closely tied to your business. First by attracting them, second by increase engagement and finally to turn them into happy everlasting clients.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a business most important marketing tool. High quality content that users will share with their social network, helps a business increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. None the less the decline in organic reach makes it more then ever important for a business to monitor and analyse your social media marketing actions and improve every move you make.

Search Engine Marketing

Involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through optimization and advertising. One of the strategies is search engine optimization (SEO), which adjust the technology and rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search results. As well pay per click (PPC) advertisement is a strategy.

Email Marketing

Is a form of direct marketing, by mailing regular messages to a group of customers who subscribed themselves to your mailing list. Email marketing connects with your existing customers and build relationships with potential customers, as well brings visitors to your website.

Become a professional

La casita Del cuco is a well-educated and well-documented professional with 28 years of experience internationally. With pleasure I share you my knowledge.

Consultancy - There are no problems, only solutions. Whatever your problem is. I provide a individualized service, a significant strategy and an effective training to obtain a cost effectively and efficient solution to any of your business needs. I advise you in better communication with your customers within your clients touch points, and advise in the best tools to manage your company its presence on social networks.

Brainstorming - Including people & project management, creative & strategic direction. A business can only grow when it allows brainstorming with creative minds, visionaries and people who think beyond the boundaries of a business. Together we generate creative ideas and solutions to give your business a boost.

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Do not hesitate to contact me! If you have the ambition to grow in your business and become a long-term successful business.

Let me show you how you make more profit with your business. I will be glad to guide you in your needs, towards an online presence that reflects the image of your company best.

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