This story begins with an exciting challenge for me and a promise for you!
You Do Not Have To Be Big To Be Great

I build brands

Do you think Business?
Do you want a successful brand?

La Casita Del Cuco offers you 28 years of international experience in organizing and realizing business projects with international brands.

I do not leave any detail untouched, because it are the details which guarantees the success of your brand. Design is about bringing solutions, not visuals to a client’s wishes. To guide you in satisfying your client’s wishes with your solutions (products & services), ...

I focuses on the following details :

Byer Persona

Design and marketing is about offering solutions to real people. Get to know your target audience first and relate your designs and marketing efforts with who needs your product or service the most. Targeting everyone is targeting no one. Representacion de buyer persona con cinco pajaritos

Community management

Build your very own community. Understand the goals of your company’s social media content delivery and develop a more attainable strategy to get your message spread towards your community.

Social Media Marketing

Understand the various Social Media platforms and where they are useful for. Learn how to create the perfect posts and turn your followers into buyers.

Graphical Design

Do not underestimate good design. Design for real life and experiences, with designs that are beautiful and functional which reflect your identity and make your target audience to like your brand even more.

Web Design

Keep up to date with the latest web technology, make your web accessible to the growing trend of internet browsing with mobile phones and user experience.


Get your solutions to those who need your product and service. Connect your wishes with the little tricks and tips that keeps your business going and do not miss the latest successful international trends.

Return On Investment

Analyze and evaluate the efficiency of your marketing efforts, learn to know your profit in relation to invested capital (money and/or time).
Social Media plan figures with gap of opportunity
Graph of visits to my website (white line), Social Media followers (color stripe line) and total reach of posts at my Social Media (color line) during the La Casita Del Cuco Social Media Plan. The Gap of Opportunity is where you build your brand and reach your clients. Come back soon for more and accurate figures.

Let me build you a successful brand

Brands I worked with

Your brand is a lot of fun
Gershom Polanco - New York - U.S.A.
He has everything: speed, reliability, professionalism, in addition education
Nano Nava Prieto - Las Arenas - Spain

About me

portret Geert De Decker

Creativity is my passion. A passion started in 1986, when as a young boy I became active in an international network of artists. Excited as I was when the world opened to me in those pre internet days, I soon started searching my creative boundaries. And now, almost 28 years later, I have built up a huge amount of experience in organizing and realizing business and cultural projects internationaly. Also working with and representing brands in the realization of web design and social media marketing projects.

You Do Not Have To Be Big To Be Great ” this is the motto in all my work. In each project I have an eye on the whole picture which is ”creating a brand” and it doesn’t take much to build a good feeling that your customers will have with your product and brand.

It is with pleasure that I share with you my passion and my solutions to reach out your customers, and with your inspiration, joy and enthusiasm! On a daily basis I keep an eye on new trends in web and graphic design, marketing and brand presentation to keep your business young and fresh.

From Llanes (Asturias), La Casita Del Cuco has spread its work all over the peninsular and far beyond.


Website in construction and in update so come back soon to see more.


Results of the "La Casita Del Cuco Social Media Plan" looks promising, website visits went up with 920%.
gráfico de visitas a la web


From now on you can enjoy the exhibition of Franco Brambilla (Italy) at Torimbia Ocio Natural. An organization of La Casita Del Cuco.
Una pieza en la exposición de Torimbia Ocio


Somebody is travelling through Llanes. An international marketing campaign for Travel Llanes.
Un diseño en el marketing campaña

My Ethical Code